Whiskey Puppy plays boot-stomping, mule-slapping bluegrass and old time music. The Portland, OR trio brings energy, humor, and skillful musicianship to songs selected from the best of modern bluegrass all the way back to the early Southern string bands. Known for stage antics, sweet three-part harmonies, and their collection of chew toys, Whiskey Puppy has been performing since 2001, receiving howling acclaim from McCarthy, Alaska to San Francisco to Amsterdam and beyond. Whiskey Puppy features Rachel Gold (Flat Mountain Girls) on guitar, Justin Auld (Redwood Highway) on banjo and fiddle, and Travis “Tater” Harrison (Jackass Willy, Maremoto) on bass. Justin and Rachel are the first-Saturday hosts of KBOO’s (90.7 fm Portland) Music from the Truevine show.

DiscograPuppy: 2001: Pork Dungeon (hair of the puppy)
2003: Love Storm (puppy style)
2005: Fate of Man (before the dawn of pants)
2008: Unleashed
2011: Chewgrass
2017: Just For Tonight

We are not playing weddings any more due to a band-wide allergy to wedding cake.

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Song samples:
It's Too Easy
Mama Was Right

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Cats in the Kitchen

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Mississippi Shores
Roundup Time In Texas

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Puppy Videos on YouTube:
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